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Company Culture

Life at Phoenix Contact

We’re a friendly company with partnerships based on trust and teamwork. Find out more about working for Phoenix Contact.

Company Culture
Current Vacancies

Current Vacancies

Find out the current job opportunities and vacancies at Phoenix Contact in the Middle East

Current Vacancies


1201N-1206N, Dubai Science Park Towers - North
P.O. Box 345002
Tel.: +971 4 4370324
Fax: +971 4 4370323
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Customer Care Center: 800-PHOENIX (800-7463649)


Working at Phoenix Contact

Based on partnership and trust we offer a corporate culture that gives work a meaning.

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Meet our experts at the leading Trade Shows happening in the region.

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Find out more about Phoenix Contact's channel partners in the Middle East and Northeast Africa.

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Find a partner
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