Remote control

Flexible remote access

Flexible remote access

Ensure that communication is consistent and you have an overview of all processes at all times.

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From conventional system engineering to public utilities and refuse disposal plants: being informed of all processes at all times is becoming increasingly important. Phoenix Contact offers sophisticated and flexible solutions for controlling distributed system parts as well as for server/client communication between networked industrial PCs.

Your advantages

  • Transparent overview of all operator interfaces, thanks to remote control software
  • Flexible access to visualization, process data, and alarms, thanks to simultaneous on-screen display of an IPC at several operating stations
  • Immediate alarm generation in the event of an error, e.g., via the phone or mobile phone network

Remote control: permanent integration of distributed stations

ReSy+ software  

ReSy+ software

Keep an eye on your system at all times: with the remote control solution from Phoenix Contact you can monitor and control system parts that are in separate locations. You are therefore kept informed of all the generic measured values of your external stations at any given time. The control commands are sent directly from a central control room.

Thanks to special protocols, you can transmit process data securely over wide area networks. We offer remote control solutions for virtually all telecommunications networks, e.g., for analog permanent lines, wireless networks, and public phone and mobile phone networks.

When it comes to designing modern remote control technology, simply combine our standard automation components with the ReSy+ remote control software.

Advantages of this remote control solution:

  • Remote control and automation using a single device
  • Ideal for use in infrastructure applications
  • Easily integrates remote system parts into the higher-level control system
  • Easy to integrate in existing networks
  • Communication according to remote control standard IEC 60870-5-101/104

Remote control: control networked industrial PCs from any location

Portico software: multi-user process operation.  

Portico software: multi-user process operation.

The Portico software from Phoenix Contact is the easy solution for multi-user process operation.

  • Individual operation and monitoring concepts with up to 16 clients
  • Simultaneous display of IPC screen information at several operating stations without server operating system
  • Inexpensive – thanks to the use of thin clients


Multiplexer function for retrofitting – automatic configuration

Multiplexer function

Easy retrofitting of multiplexer function

The multiplexer system software enables you to create a multiplexer system from two ILC 131 ETH modular controllers. This is without any time-consuming programming, as system programming is configured automatically. Extend two PLCs with an SD FLASH 512MB MODULAR MUX SD card and the corresponding I/O modules, assign the master and slave - and you're done!


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