Device marking - EMT (103X17)R TQ 0800041

Insert label, For marking Siemens S7-300 controllers, Roll, turquoise, unlabeled, can be labeled with: THERMOMARK ROLLMASTER 300/600, THERMOMARK X1.2, THERMOMARK ROLL X1, THERMOMARK ROLL 2.0, THERMOMARK ROLL, mounting type: snapped into marker carrier, lettering field size: 103 x 17 mm, Number of individual labels: 500

Product Details

Mounting type snapped into marker carrier

Salt spray test
Test duration 96 h
Specification DIN EN ISO 9227:2012-09
Result Test passed
Test duration 96 h
Specification Following ISO 4892-2:2013-03
Result Test passed
Test for substances that would hinder coating with paint or varnish
Specification VW PV 3.10.7:2005-02
Result Test passed
Ambient conditions
Recommended storage conditions 23 °C / 50 % relative humidity
Ambient temperature (operation) -40 °C ... 120 °C

Length 17 mm
Width 103 mm

Recommended storage conditions 23 °C / 50 % relative humidity
Ambient temperature (operation) -40 °C ... 120 °C

Wipe resistance DIN EN 61010-1 (VDE 0411-1)

Components free from silicone and halogen
Foil strength 175 µm
RoHS compliant Yes
Color turquoise
Material Polyester

Controller type For marking Siemens S7-300 controllers
Marking technology
Printability Thermal transfer
Device 5146477 THERMOMARK ROLL
5145274 THERMOMARK X1.1
5146231 THERMOMARK X1.2
Number of individual labels per row 1
Number of individual labels 500

Order Key 0800041
Packing unit 1 pc
Minimum order quantity 1 pc
Sales Key 031
Catalog Page Page 343 (C-3-2019)
GTIN 4046356545419
Weight per Piece (including packing) 407,0 GRM
Weight per Piece (excluding packing) 400,0 GRM
Customs tariff number 39269097
Country of origin DE

China RoHS For details about hazardous substances go to tab “Downloads”, Category “Manufacturer's declaration”

Your advantages

EMT ... insert labels for labeling various marking collars
Thanks to their special shape, EMT ... insert labels remain securely inside the collar once inserted
Quick and inexpensive marking with THERMOMARK ... roll printers from PHOENIX CONTACT
When combined with the right ink ribbon, the marking is highly resistant to solvents and mechanical influences. The marking is even suitable for use under harsh industrial conditions.
Marking service: Phoenix Contact can custom-mark all EMT ... markers according to your requirements