Conductor marking - UC-WMC 3,1 (23X4)

Conductor marker, Sheet, white, unlabeled, can be labeled with: BLUEMARK ID COLOR, BLUEMARK ID, BLUEMARK CLED, PLOTMARK, CMS-P1-PLOTTER, mounting type: clip on, cable diameter range: 1.9 ... 3.1 mm, lettering field size: 23 x 4 mm, Number of individual labels: 12

Product Details

Type Card form
Number of individual labels 12
Number of individual labels per row 4
Marking technology
Device 5147999 BLUEMARK CLED
Printability UV LED technology

Width 4 mm
Length 23 mm
External dimensions
External diameter 1.9 mm ... 3.1 mm

Color white
RoHS compliant Yes
Material PA
Flammability rating according to UL 94 V2
Temperature index of insulation material (DIN EN 60216-1 (VDE 0304-21)) 120 °C
Fire protection for rail vehicles (DIN EN 45545-2) R22 HL 1 - HL 2
Fire protection for rail vehicles (DIN EN 45545-2) R23 HL 1 - HL 2
Fire protection for rail vehicles (DIN EN 45545-2) R24 HL 1 - HL 2
Components free from silicone and halogen

Cable structure
Cable diameter 1.9 mm ... 3.1 mm

Test for substances that would hinder coating with paint or varnish
Specification VW PV 3.10.7:2005-02
Result Test passed
Specification Following ISO 4892-2:2013-03
Result Test passed
Test duration 96 h
Wipe resistance of inscriptions
Specification DIN EN 61010-1 (VDE 0411-1):2011-07
Result Test passed
Salt spray test
Specification DIN EN 60068-2-11:2000-02
Result Test passed
Test duration 96 h
Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature (operation) -40 °C ... 120 °C
Recommended storage conditions 23 °C/50 % relative humidity. Storage in a dry and dark place in the original packaging is recommended.

Wipe resistance DIN EN 61010-1 (VDE 0411-1)

Mounting type clip on

Order Key 0818218
Packing unit 10 pc
Minimum order quantity 1 pc
Sales Key 031
Catalog Page Page 195 (C-3-2019)
GTIN 4046356133524
Weight per Piece (including packing) 9,3 GRM
Weight per Piece (excluding packing) 9,3 GRM
Customs tariff number 39269097
Country of origin PL

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Your advantages

The UC-WMC ... UniCard labeling range includes markers for captive labeling of control lines to cable sheaths with large diameters
One-handed mounting
Can be clipped on even after wiring has been completed
The markers, which are supplied in uniform sheets, can be labeled quickly and easily using the BLUEMARK LED
Two labeling areas that are clearly legible at all times
Labeling service: Phoenix Contact can custom-label all UniCard markers according to your requirements
The markers support multi-line labeling
The sheets provide space for including function texts
The format automatically ensures printing with a high degree of positioning accuracy