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Industrial network technology for tunnel applications Consistent and flexible networking

Tunnels can only run smoothly and be monitored continuously if they are based on a reliable network. In critical infrastructure such as tunnels, it is absolutely essential to transfer data from all applications, including lighting, ventilation, communication, and the power supply, securely.

Phoenix Contact provides you with a wide range of powerful network components, with a high focus on cybersecurity. Realize highly available Ethernet networks for your tunnel application.

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Industrial Ethernet Mature technology for tunnel applications

A tunnel contains a complex combination of many different applications. To ensure reliability, failsafe performance, and sustainability, communication with all applications is an absolute necessity. Using the right network-related equipment plays a critical role in controlling and monitoring all applications. The network for a tunnel infrastructure must meet all communication requirements, taking into account safety and bandwidth requirements via a failsafe, redundant design. Phoenix Contact provides a complete portfolio of suitable components for network technology.

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Network cabinet with server cabinets
RFC 460R – redundant controller with fiber-optic cable
Video surveillance in the traffic network
Network cabinet with server cabinets

The transitions between conventional information technology and operational communication technology also have to be smooth in tunnels. Seamless communication, the real-time forwarding of all relevant protocols, and meaningful diagnostics, which can be integrated into the visualization, are crucial for this.

Network components from Phoenix Contact provide connections for all media, such as fiber optics, copper, and wireless.

RFC 460R – redundant controller with fiber-optic cable

Redundancy is necessary to ensure that data will continue to be transferred even if there are partial system failures. Single points of failure are avoided when planning and installing infrastructure components in high-availability systems.

Intelligent network and control technology from Phoenix Contact provides options for automatic error detection and correction. Redundancy mechanisms enable stable communication, even if loops are formed inadvertently or if devices fail.

Video surveillance in the traffic network

Alongside the high-performance main communication arteries, there is also a wide range of components available for local applications. Connected components such as telephones and cameras are supplied with operating voltage through the same cable.

These Power over Ethernet (PoE) components are also available with an integrated protective function upon request. We also provide a huge range of different switches for distributing data packets.

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Fully redundant tunnel network

The tunnel network needs to have several redundancy levels in order to reliably connect all tunnel applications. At the switch level, all end applications are integrated seamlessly via a redundant fiberglass backbone with redundancy protocols such as RSTP or MRP. At the router level, we use VRRP for setting up redundant layer 3 switches. The switches combine the communication algorithms of the IT level, such as OSPF or PIM, with the specific requirements of industrial communication.

Topology: Fully redundant tunnel network

Your advantages

  • Error-free data transfer thanks to intelligent components
  • Reliable communication with redundant network structures
  • Reduced cabling effort with PoE-capable end devices
  • Integration of all applications over long distances with fiberglass technology
Cholfirst Tunnel

Managed switches for greater safety and availability

The operating and safety equipment installed in the Cholfirst Tunnel normally ensures that the traffic flows smoothly. But if there is a fire or an accident, these technical systems can also save lives.
To increase tunnel safety in the Swiss tunnel, Ticos Engineering & Software AG was entrusted with the conversion and modernization of the control engineering technology. The system controller and several local PLCs were replaced. Additionally, the system integrator also installed an Ethernet-based communication system at the field and control level. Ticos selected managed switches from the Phoenix Contact FL SWITCH 22xx series as the infrastructure components.

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