Device builder attaching a connector to a PCB in a device with connection technology from Phoenix Contact.

Solutions and services for device manufacturing

PCB terminal blocks, connectors, and electronics housings rank among the key elements in device manufacturing. With the trend toward miniaturization, their designs are becoming increasingly smaller and more robust. They also need to be reliable and easy to handle, and offer fresh scope for device planning and design. As a device manufacturer, when it comes to the transmission of signals, data, and power, you can rely on connection solutions from Phoenix Contact.

Your advantages

  • Unique product portfolio for device manufacturers with future-oriented innovations and a high degree of variety
  • High quality thanks to standardized laboratory tests and high-quality materials
  • Professional service with personal consultation, flexible version management, and convenient online tools such as configurators and sample services
  • Flexible procurement and worldwide availability thanks to online ordering option and reliable logistics network

Product portfolio for device manufacturers

As your strong partner, Phoenix Contact provides device manufacturers and developers with a comprehensive portfolio of connection technology for industrial and infrastructure applications.

Use versatile solutions for your device connection: PCB terminal blocks, PCB connectors, board-to-board connectors, and electronics housings are available in different forms, colors, and connection options. In addition, you can create or customize versions for almost all products – right through to developing a completely new product. Intensive laboratory tests and process-related inspections ensure certification and international approval during the device development phase.

Excellent services for device manufacturers

Use digital services that simplify your device design process. Along your development process, Phoenix Contact offers excellent services that make a difference. For example, discover how comprehensive technical data or free product samples can make your daily work easier. As a partner to device manufacturers, we will support you in the design-in process all the way to the development of customized connection and housing solutions.

A customer looking through a product list on a PC screen.

Easy product selection The right product is just a few clicks away

Detailed technical information, drawings, or 3D data are indispensable for the computer-aided design of your industrial electronics devices. Use intuitive filters and search functions for product selection, as well as comprehensive technical data and downloads such as drawings and 3D models.

Hand on a laptop keyboard – screen with configurator open

Tailored product design Our products tailored to your application

Customize your products right through to developing a completely new product. Our comprehensive portfolio of housing and connection technology provides a great deal of freedom when it comes to designing your industrial electronics devices.

Phoenix Contact employee and customer with a product sample

Flexible ordering options Wide range of services for ordering items

Use our different procurement channels. Our global logistics network guarantees fast delivery and maximum availability worldwide. Order all items conveniently online. Our sample service, where you can get a free sample of many of our products, is also available in a large number of countries.

Phoenix Contact employee and customer examining digital Phoenix Contact content on a tablet.

Extensive expertise in after-sales service Our services beyond ordering and design-in

Stay up-to-date about products, trends, and technologies with us as your reliable partner – whether via newsletter, mobile apps, or video channels on YouTube. You can also contact our industry and design-in experts directly.

More information Device connection for the future

Phoenix Contact offers a 360 degree portfolio of connection technology for your industrial electronics application. As a device manufacturer, you can benefit from our extensive development and manufacturing expertise for your individual connection solution.

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