HeavyCORE initiative

Under HEAVYCON, there are thousands of different components that can be used to create over 70 million different product combinations. Many common application requirements can be satisfied with a select set of those components. That is where HeavyCORE comes in.

HeavyCORE is a new program focusing on the products that yield the most “bang for your buck” by focusing mainly on Phoenix Contact technology that helps boost productivity.

Utilizing HeavyCORE components to fulfill your design needs provides the following:

  • Best stock position and availability
  • Puts Phoenix Contact technology to work for you
    • Boosts productivity
    • Reduces inventory liability
    • Provides additional versatility during assembly and installation
  • Supports an avenue for more traditional designs
3D View

HEAVYCON product visualization

View our photorealistic HEAVYCON products with full interactive 360°-control. For a more immersive experience, including viewing the product in your space, use the Enhanced 3D View link below.

Pushing beyond While compatible with other manufacturer’s standard rectangular connectors, Phoenix Contact offers technological advances others simply cannot match.

User-friendly Push-in connection
Simply snap into place
For all applications
Easy wiring
Fully compatible
Two outlet directions
Reduced number of versions
Two flexible cable outlets
For high packing density
Flexible, even in tight installation spaces
For conditions with limited space
Data transmission via RJ45
Quality in every application

White papers and case studies

Hand holding a heavy duty connector

Building a heavy-duty connector set

Heavy-duty rectangular connectors are generally acquired in several pieces that can be mixed and matched to create an almost endless number of different connector configurations. This paper helps break that process down, so it feels a little more manageable.