SMS relays

Use SMS relays to prevent failures

Monitor analog and digital values easily and securely via the mobile network. The TC MOBILE I/O X200 SMS relay keeps you up to date on the status or error state of your system, even in the field. You can send text messages via text message or e-mail and set switching outputs, for example, to activate machines. This helps you avoid costly on-site service visits — even if you don't have an expensive broadband connection.

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Monitor sensors and switch relays

Monitor analog and digital sensors easily and securely via the cellular network and switch relays remotely. The TC MOBILE I/O X200 compact signaling system transmits data securely via SMS and e-mail. TC MOBILE I/O X200 notifies you in the event of a level breach, a status change at the digital input, or at defined intervals. This means that you are always kept up to date.

TC MOBILE I/O X200 is available both as a DC device with a voltage range from 10 to 60 V and as an AC device with 93 to 250 V. The special feature of DC devices: in addition to the four digital inputs, they also have two analog inputs which can measure both voltage and current.

The versions for the European market, TC MOBILE I/O X200-4G and TC MOBILE I/O X200-4G AC, support the use of modern 4G technology (LTE CAT1). Together with 2G fallback (GSM/GPRS/EDGE), the devices therefore combine future-oriented cellular technology with the availability of the 2G network, which currently offers the best coverage. All the devices feature very easy handling and can be used in a wide range of applications thanks to the large voltage range and various inputs.

TC Mobile I/O signaling system

Alerts with TC Mobile I/O

TC MOBILE I/O X200 with app

With the TC Mobile I/O app, you can send SMS switching commands without having to write an SMS

Free app for the TC MOBILE I/O X200 signaling system

The TC MOBILE I/O X200 also communicates with you via smartphone app (iOS and Android). The app allows you to switch your outputs conveniently and easily check the status of your device at any time.

The TC Mobile I/O app makes it even easier to use the device and saves you having to write a text message. You will continue to receive alerts as usual via SMS and e-mail. This ensures the best accessibility in the field.