Energy and power data analysis

Energy and power data analysis

The EMMA Smart Service, with a simple and intuitive design, and in combination with the EMpro energy measuring devices, provides a flexible spectrum of functions in the field of electrical energy and power data visualization for monitoring, analyzing, and evaluating electrical data. EMMA stands for Energy, Monitoring, Management, and Analytics – and supports energy managers proportionately in the check step of what is called the PDCA cycle in accordance with the international standard ISO 50 001 for energy management systems.

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The smart EMpro energy measuring devices with digital cloud services empower your digital transformation and your energy management of the future: The direct cloud connection allows location and time-independent interaction with your devices. The measurement and device data is stored, processed, and visualized in the cloud for energy and power data analyses.

Your advantages

  • Flexible access to energy data and component information anytime, anywhere with Proficloud Smart Services
  • Direct connection of the energy measuring device to Proficloud without using an IoT gateway
  • Secure communication between the IoT-capable energy measuring device and Proficloud via TLS encryption
  • Easy extension and scalability with dynamic IT resources that can be quickly and individually tailored to new requirements
  • The EMMA Smart Service is a comprehensive package for your digitalized energy and power data analyses
  • The smart EMpro energy measuring devices and the EMMA Smart Service are a part of the COMPLETE line system
EMpro energy measuring device

Directly to the cloud with EMpro – without using a gateway

Access your measured data and component data anywhere in the world, without using an additional IoT gateway. You won’t need an IoT gateway to aggregate data, to convert between local network protocols and IoT protocols, or for encryption. The IoT-capable EMpro device is able to transfer its data directly and securely to the cloud using a router.

Smart Services for energy and power data analyses

Today’s industry is increasingly being shaped by the digitalization of products and processes. You too can benefit from smart services that provide valuable information through comprehensive data analysis.

Screen with energy measuring device

EMMA Smart Service

Energy monitoring, management, analytics: The EMMA Smart Service and the IoT-capable EMpro energy measuring devices are empowering your energy management system of the future. Go straight into the IoT with EMpro and benefit from cloud-based data acquisition and intuitive, flexible functions for target-oriented, informative visualization.

EMpro EMMA systemic overall concept

High degree of user-friendliness

High degree of user-friendliness with a systemic overall concept with intuitive menu navigation and automated data transfer to the Proficloud.

Man and woman in front of computer

Targeted overview

Access your energy and performance data anywhere in the world at any time. Purpose-built visualizations provide you with a targeted overview.

Man in suit holds illuminated continuous loop in his hands

Continued further development

Constantly increasing value proposition for your energy data analyses with continuous, user-oriented further development.

Device Management Service

EMpro2Cloud main screen

Manage and monitor your IoT-capable energy measuring devices and other smart devices from Phoenix Contact with the Device Management Service. You receive a direct overview of device information, such as the device type, serial number, and installed firmware and hardware version, in the form of a digital rating plate. In addition, the health and connection status are always visible at a glance.

Time Series Data Service

Energy measurement technology monitoring

The Time Series Data Service in the Phoenix Contact Proficloud allows you to access your time series data, such as your energy measurement values and energy flows, from anywhere in the world at any time.

Your tailored dashboard with various visualization options summarizes the energy data for illustrating and analyzing this energy data, or you can also use a predefined template.

Application example: secure energy data acquisition via Ethernet for Proficloud

Application example: Ethernet for Proficloud

Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) is an established protocol that is widely used in the context of the Internet of Things (IoT).

This is an open message protocol for machine-to-machine (M2M) communication which allows the transmission of telemetry data between devices in the form of messages – despite long delays or limited networks.

Using Transport Layer Security (TLS), data can be encrypted and transmitted over the Internet or other networks. It is a hybrid encryption protocol (combination of asymmetrical and symmetrical encryption). It allows secure authentication of communication devices; in other words, it checks the identity of the recipient or sender. In addition, the transmitted data is protected against unauthorized access by third parties and against tampering or falsification via encryption.