Cable connections in electrical installation Connect cables fast and easily without special tools. Our large portfolio of conductor connectors and installation connectors offers the optimum solution for power connections and power distribution.

Person on a ladder looking at connected blinds

Laying and extending cables and repairing damaged cables are everyday challenges in the electrical trade. Connecting motors for window coverings, blinds, and awnings is also one of the electrical installation tasks. QPD connectors, conductor connectors, and distributors make quick work of this. The IDC fast connection does not require stripping or screwing.

With the robust design, the connection is protected from external influences. All the QPD installation system components guarantee a high level of protection against tensile loads and moisture, and are impact-resistant.

  • Time savings of up to 80% through IDC connection without special tools
  • High degree of reliability with robust housings up to IP68/IP69 degree of protection and IK07 shock resistance
  • Flexible solutions with fixed and pluggable versions, plus a wide range of cable connectors and distributors from 1.5 to 6 mm² in various numbers of positions
PRC, IPD, and QPD installation system

Not just one installation system We provide three systems – the choice is yours. Find out more.

Use QPD installation connectors and distributors with fast IDC connection without any special tools. Or simply insert rigid or flexible conductors with ferrules tool-free directly into the terminal point: this is made possible by the IPD system with Push-in Technology. Do you prefer the proven screw connection? Then opt for the PRC installation system.

Find out more about all three systems and discover new possible solutions for your power distribution.

QPD STAK 3 and STAS 3 connectors The connector designed for assembly, especially for the motor connection of blinds, window coverings, and awnings.

  • Tool-free installation in no time with IDC connection
  • Robust and splash-proof housing
  • Compatible with all classic motor connections for awnings and blinds

QPD installation system Set up power distributions quickly, easily, and cost-effectively with the QPD installation system.

  • Connection without special tools with the QUICKON IDC displacement connection
  • Flexible distribution solutions with fixed and pluggable connections
  • Optimum protection against environmental influences