STEP POWER power supplies for electrical installation

Power supplies for electrical installation Compact and efficient solutions in all ranges

  • Wide range of products covers all common voltage levels
  • Ultra-slim and flat power supplies
  • Save energy with particularly low idling losses and high efficiency
  • Robust and reliable at temperatures from -25°C to 70°C
  • Operational safety with high-quality components

Our power supplies for electrical installations are optimally tailored to the needs of small-scale applications and modern building automation. Whether for use in industrial or residential environments.

The compact UNO POWER power supplies are the ideal solution for narrow control cabinets in industrial applications. The 18 different power supplies cover loads from 25 W to 480 W, with output voltages from 5 V DC to 48 V DC.

The STEP POWER power supplies for distribution boards were specifically developed for building automation applications. They are the first power supplies with Efficiency Level VI that can be used in both industrial and residential applications. The tool-free Push-in connection technology at a 45° angle with double terminal points allows quick and easy startup on the DIN rail or on flat surfaces.

Video: STEP POWER power supply
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STEP POWER power supplies Save space in distribution boards now with STEP POWER power supplies

  • Narrow design for optimum space saving
  • Fast installation with tool-free Push-in technology
  • Less wiring through double connection points