Installation and wiring Significantly reduce your installation and wiring effort in control cabinet building. With the Push-in and Push-X connection technologies, you can benefit from quick and tool-free control cabinet wiring. Our hand tools and mobile printers enable efficient work anywhere.

Worker working on a mounting panel

Your advantages for efficient installation and wiring in control cabinet building

  • Time savings and process reliability with tool-free wiring
  • Work made easier with our extensive portfolio of ergonomic tools
  • Efficient (re)marking directly at the control cabinet with mobile marking systems
XTV 6 terminal block with Push-X technology

Tool-free conductor connection Push-X – the new X-perience of wiring

A new concept in tool-free conductor connection: Push-X can accommodate all types of conductors with direct wiring tool-free and without significant force. A pretensioned contact spring lies at the heart of this new technology. This principle enables the connection of rigid and flexible conductors with or without ferrules. Even the smallest flexible conductors trigger the connection. Lightly tapping the release surface at the end of the clamping chamber causes the conductor to be contacted with ease.


Marking regardless of location With mobile printers

The locations of use and requirements for industrial identification are as numerous as they are varied. In addition to the printers for centrally organized industrial assembly, we also offer solutions for technical supply units for controller and switching device building with our mobile thermal transfer printers. The battery-powered THERMOMARK PRIME, THERMOMARK GO, and THERMOMARK GO.K printers are ready for use exactly where you need them with the integrated marking software and wireless controllability via app.

Toolbag with various hand tools

Professional hand tools For all applications

Professional tools are a prerequisite for good results. Our extensive tool program offers hand tools for all applications in control cabinet building. The high-quality hand tools for cutting, stripping, crimping, screwing, and measuring also impress with their durability and comfortable handling with ergonomically designed handles.

We work every day in terminal block product development to make wiring in control cabinet building even faster and tool-free.

Klaus Firschke - Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG, Development, Terminal blocks
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