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Solar visualization Scalable photovoltaics park management

Our portal provides you with an overview of all of the collected system data. To avoid data gaps in monitoring and reporting, data is automatically stored locally if the Internet connection between the photovoltaic system and the portal is interrupted. Existing portals can also be connected with the open system interfaces. The portal cuts maintenance costs thanks to the automated error algorithm.

Your advantages:

✓ All assets at a glance thanks to the portal dashboard
✓ An overview is provided of various PV systems, hosted in the highly secure data center
✓ Easy commissioning with automatic detection of all park devices
✓ Reduced maintenance costs thanks to the automated failure algorithm
✓ Available as an option: Customer-specific dashboard for tailored corporate identity

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All systems at a glance

With our intuitive, easy-to-use portal, you have the perfect overview of all your photovoltaic systems. All important data is clearly displayed in the portal. This makes operational management and maintenance significantly simpler. System profitability increases. You can also compare the yields of all of your systems with the actual local solar radiation levels taken from satellite monitoring data.

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Optimum service

The portal analyzes a large number of identical error messages automatically using intelligent algorithms. The error messages are listed according to urgency and severity in a message overview. As a result, the service team only responds to events that could have a critical impact on yield. This prevents unnecessary service calls and makes gradual yield losses a thing of the past.

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System reports at the push of a button

Automatically generated reports with all the relevant KPIs allow you to demonstrate the profitability of your system. The reports provide information on the most important solar system data and the system performance in relation to the static yield forecast. You can automatically send these reports as PDFs to your customers or investors in an e-mail.

Maximum yield with security in photovoltaics systems

From data communication and feed-in management right through to visualization, Phoenix Contact offers a broad portfolio of products for the safe and highly available operation of photovoltaics systems.

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Productivity at a glance with web visualization