Industrial FL MGUARD 1102 and FL MGUARD 1105 security routers on the DIN rail

FL MGUARD 1100 Integrate machines and systems into production networks safely

You can integrate your (sub-)networks into any other network very easily and without adaptation, and even protect them using the FL MGUARD 1100 security routers. The devices have been specially designed for use in industrial networks. With their integrated mGuard security technology, the security routers enable the control and safeguarding of communications in your production network. The industrial firewalls provide support in creating the necessary communication rules, making implementation particularly easy.

Increase cybersecurity easily without additional IT knowledge with the Firewall Assistant: In order to improve the security of a system, in-depth IT knowledge is often necessary. The FL MGUARD 1100 was developed specially for OT requirements, and therefore features a Firewall Assistant which will support you in creating the necessary communication rules. All you then have to do is activate the appropriate firewall rules without having to create complex rule sets.

Network Address Translation (NAT) topology: mGuard 1100 routes between the superordinate production network and the subordinate machine network

The FL MGUARD 1100 translates IP addresses with the aid of Network Address Translation (NAT)

Easy integration into existing networks – Network Address Translation (NAT)

Integrating sub-networks or machines into existing networks often involves a great deal of work, because the IP address ranges differ and can lead to conflicts. The FL MGUARD 1100 can simplify the integration of machines significantly by translating the IP addresses (Network Address Translation, NAT). Therefore, you do not need to make any changes to the machine network.

Moreover, this type of network segment separation provides protection against high volumes of data traffic and interference from the other network segments. This improves the performance and availability of your network.

Topology: An MGUARD 1100 filters data packets between the WAN and the LAN

The FL MGUARD 1100 filters the data packets between WAN and LAN in accordance with the specified firewall rules

Network protection against interference and unauthorized communications – firewall with packet filter

The FL MGUARD 1100 features a firewall for filtering the network data traffic in order to protect your network against unwanted access, unauthorized communications, and also against attacks.

You can specify which devices are permitted to send data packets. You can define which protocols and applications are permitted. Anything not permitted is blocked, meaning that it cannot interfere with your network.

Topology of mGuard stealth mode: The mGuard 1100 is installed as a firewall between the superordinate production network and the subordinate machine network

In stealth mode, the mGuard can be integrated easily into an existing network without having to make any changes to the network

Easy integration without have to change the network – stealth mode

If you would like to increase the security of your network without having to access ongoing processes or changing the network, you can set the FL MGUARD 1100 to stealth mode. Integrate the device into your existing network easily. It will filter the data traffic between WAN and LAN there in accordance with the specified rules.

By using the mGuard as a dedicated security component, you can also protect your network components, such as controllers, reliably without having to constantly update them or install patches for the latest security standards. Therefore, there is no need for you to intervene in your ongoing processes, and you can protect them at the same time.

mGuard 1100 with Gigabit and firewall icon

The mGuard is future-proof as a Gigabit firewall

Assured availability, even at high data loads – Gigabit data throughput

For a network to be reliable, it also needs to be high-performance to ensure that it does not break down, in particular at high peak data loads such as recipe downloads, firmware updates, etc.

The FL MGUARD 1100 features Gigabit data throughput, meaning that it will not be a bottleneck in your network, even with high data loads. This ensures security in the future, even with increasing network communications.

Typical applications

Machine building

Use of the mGuard 1100 in machine building

Machine building

A key customer requirement is the ability to integrate machines into their production network easily. Machines are normally mass-produced, however, and cannot always be adapted individually. Moreover, interference and manipulations of the machine from the superordinate network are to be prevented. Control over communications must be assured: What is allowed, what is not? You can integrate machines into every production network easily and provide them with optimum protection against unauthorized communications with the FL MGUARD 1100.

Factory hall of a system operator

Typical use of the mGuard 1100 by a system operator

System operators

If existing machines are to be integrated into an existing production network, the machine networks normally have to be adapted, which involves a considerable amount of work. You can integrate machines into your production network easily and without the need for network changes with FL MGUARD 1100. Moreover, the security routers provide ideal protection for your system against unauthorized communications and manipulation.

FL MGUARD 1102 and FL MGUARD 1105 at a glance



Transmission speed 10/100/1000 Mbps 10/100/1000 Mbps
Temperature range 0°C … +60°C 0°C … +60°C
Supply voltage 18 ... 32 V DC 18 ... 32 V DC
Unmanaged switch No 4 ports
NAT functions
IP masquerading Yes Yes
Port forwarding Yes Yes
1:1 NAT Yes Yes
Firewall functions
Stateful inspection firewall Yes Yes
Firewall Assistant for easy supported configuration Yes Yes
Non-blocking validation of the configuration in test mode Yes Yes
Easy Protect Mode protection without configuration Yes Yes
Router mode Yes Yes
Stealth mode Yes Yes
Network services
DHCP Yes Yes
DNS Yes Yes
NTP Yes Yes
SNMP (server) Yes Yes
HTTPS – WBM/Config API – (server) Yes Yes
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