New functions through update for Edge PC

PLCnext Control Edge PC

To transfer information from the local network to a cloud solution, Phoenix Contact completes the IIoT solution with firmware update 2022.0 for the EPC 1502 and EPC 1522 Edge PCs.

The Edge Device’s extended functionalities provide full IT/OT convergence, offering a monitoring solution or data analysis that enables data interpretation through simple dashboards.

Specifically, the firmware expands the interface functions. A wireless Internet connection via WLAN can now be easily configured, and a visualization can be realized cost-effectively via the DisplayPort. Node-RED, InfluxDB Chronograf, or Docker are administered locally. By updating all pre-installed Edge software and pre-installed packages, an exchange of variables between PLCnext Engineer and Node-RED is solved in a user-friendly way. Similarly, storing large data sets in the local database and transferring them to a cloud solution has been simplified. The update will be available at the end of May 2022.

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