Marking for the food and beverage industry

Marking for the food and beverage industry

Detectable and chemical-resistant labels improve safety

Middletown, Pa. – Phoenix Contact’s broad range of marking solutions for the food and beverage industry ensures a high level of safety. The portfolio includes detectable and highly chemical-resistant marking for cables and conductors, as well as solutions for device and system identification.

To maintain hygienic standards, production facilities are cleaned several times a day. The Phoenix Contact marking materials have a high level of chemical resistance. The cleaning process does not affect the material, so labeling remains legible. The markers are available in blue, which is commonly used in the food industry. Since blue food is rare in nature, this helps the markers stand out for easy visual identification.

The marking materials can be detected with a metal detector during an inspection, ensuring material fragments are not in the food. Labels with a strong adhesive system are available for devices and systems with textured surfaces. The chemical-resistant adhesive spreads better throughout the structure of the surfaces and produces high adhesive strength for permanent identifications. In addition, detectable laminate labels are available. Bonding the laminate over the printing protects the label from external influences.

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