Heatsink solutions for electronic housings

Heatsink solutions for electronic housings

Heatsink fillers and passive heatsinks improve heat dissipation

Middletown, Pa. – Phoenix Contact has increased the breadth and depth of its popular Industrial Case System (ICS) housing family to include both customizable passive heatsinks and heatsink fillers. Advanced components combined with tighter spaces have put increasing thermal demands on electronic housings. New heatsink solutions from Phoenix Contact now allow design engineers to choose from a wide range of thermal management solutions to keep their components from over-heating.

Passive heatsinks and space-saving heatsink fillers are available in ICS housing widths of 25 and 50 mm. The position of the heatsink base can vary, making it possible to connect electronic components with an installed height of up to 13 or 15 mm. The clearance between the PCB and the heatsink base ranges between 0 and 11 mm, to meet different space requirements. The heatsink can be custom-designed and manufactured to meet the specific layout of the electronics. This ensures optimum heat dissipation in the enclosure and a longer service life of the electronic components.

To support the new heatsink solutions, a web-based, intuitive platform for the thermal assessment has been incorporated into the Electronic Housing Online Configurator tool on Phoenix Contact’s website. Here designers can customize enclosures and, on request, be provided with individual thermal management consultation. Device developers receive a detailed, application-specific simulation and recommendations for the appropriate housing selection, heatsink design, and heatsink arrangement.

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