Electronic signature

Digital transformation is a central component of Phoenix Contact's strategic focus.

Phoenix Contact uses a digital platform that allows documents to be signed electronically. This makes it possible to quickly and securely sign contracts or other agreements electronically. It's also very easy for our business partners to countersign agreements quickly in the same media format, yet still securely and at no extra cost to them.

Read the statement from our Executive Board regarding the introduction of electronic signatures and our continued commitment to digital transformation.

Advantages of the electronic signature

Time savings
You just need an Internet connection to sign agreements quickly and easily from almost anywhere and on any device.

Cost savings
An electronic signature saves printing and postage costs, and the documents don't have to be scanned once they have been signed.

Our provider is compliant with the eIDAS Regulation as well as certified standards in the USA and Europe. This means that your information is kept secure and is encrypted.

The current status of an agreement can be viewed and tracked by all the parties involved, providing everyone with the same degree of transparency.

The platform is very user-friendly and convenient. Simple explanations guide you through the process of signing the document.

Environmentally friendly
We can all help conserve resources by not printing, mailing, or transporting materials.

Free to use
When you receive a link from our company for an electronic signature, it is always free for you as our business partner to sign a document.

Legally compliant signature

Of course, the legal certainty of electronic signatures is very important to Phoenix Contact.

Electronic signatures are legally binding for almost all business transactions throughout the EU and the USA. Our provider complies with the provisions of the eIDAS Regulation in the EU and the ESIGN and Uniform Electronic Transactions Act in the USA.

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