New light for the Mönckebergstraße in Hamburg Modernizing the lighting on one of the most frequented shopping streets in Germany – this challenge was overcome with innovative WLAN mesh technology from Phoenix Contact.

Lighting in Hamburg, Mönckebergstraße

Brief summary

Mönckebergstraße in Hamburg has had new lighting since the end of 2020. The old street lamps have been replaced with energy-efficient LED lights that enable individual lighting scenarios. However, replacing the lights presented a challenge to the Business Improvement District (BID) of Mönckebergstraße: there were no communication lines. The solution was the WLAN mesh technology from Phoenix Contact.

New options for lighting

Mönckebergstraße, one of the most famous shopping streets in Germany, has changed significantly. The 54 conventional street lamps have been replaced with modern LED lights. This opened up new possibilities for the lighting of the boulevard. However, there was one problem – there were no communication lines or empty pipes to connect the lamps to each other or to the master computer. It was not possible to lay cables.

Choosing WLAN mesh technology

The Business Improvement District (BID), an association of the property owners along the Mönckebergstraße shopping street, was looking for a solution. At first, an attempt was made to transmit data via power line, but this did not work reliably enough. Finally, the decision was made to use WLAN mesh technology from Phoenix Contact. This is a wireless network that consists of several nodes. These nodes were installed on the 54 street light masts. Another node was placed in the street distribution box to connect the mesh network to the central master computer.

The challenge was to implement modern lighting without any existing communication lines. The WLAN mesh technology from Phoenix Contact proved to be the ideal solution.

Michael Mack - Computer Mack GmbH

Individual lighting scenarios for Mönckebergstraße

The WLAN mesh network is similar to a traditional WLAN router. There are several access points that are connected to a large network. This ensures even and reliable coverage of the entire area. In this case, the network enables individual lighting control. Each light mast has twelve separately controllable LED elements that enable various lighting scenarios, for example, at Christmas and on special occasions.

WLAN mesh network on the Mönckebergstraße

The WLAN mesh network on the Mönckebergstraße includes 54 mesh nodes that communicate with each other

Sustainability and safety through needs-based light control

The modern lighting of Mönckebergstraße goes beyond the visual experience. The needs-based lighting control system made possible by WLAN mesh technology helps to increase safety and increase sustainability in terms of light and energy consumption.

The needs-based light control system using WLAN mesh technology contributes to safety and sustainability. The lighting can be customized, which not only improves visibility for pedestrians and road users, but also optimizes energy consumption. This technology is a huge advantage, in particular in times when sustainability and environmental protection are becoming increasingly important. The street lighting can be adjusted to actual needs, meaning that energy is not wasted.

The right decision for people, the economy, and nature

Choosing WLAN mesh technology was the right decision for meeting the challenge of a lack of communication lines. Mönckebergstraße is now not only shining in a new light, but also offers a variety of lighting options that can be adapted as required. This pleases visitors to the boulevard, the operators of the shops and businesses, and not least the environment. This is because modern LED lights combined with an efficient controller can achieve energy and cost savings of up to 60% compared to conventional street lighting.

Author: Stefanie Theil


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