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Man charging his Tesla electric car at a home charger using an NACS charging cable

SAE-compliant and UL-certified

The North American Charging Standard (NACS) is gaining momentum and will replace the CCS type 1 charging standard in the long term. The switch to NACS will therefore play a central role in the electrification of the transport sector and the ramp-up of charging infrastructure in North America. As a specialist in e-mobility charging technology, we therefore offer SAE-compliant and UL-certified NACS charging cables that meet the highest demands.

NACS charging cables for AC charging with up to 80 A

NACS charging cables for AC currents up to 80 A Available in Q4/2024

Our 100% standard-compliant NACS AC charging cables from the CHARX connect eco family deliver proven industrial quality and impressive maximum safety. The robust NACS charging connectors are easy to handle and enable AC charging with up to 80 A.

  • Charging current: 50 A, 80 A
  • Rated voltage: 500 V
  • Conductor cross-section: AWG 10, AWG 6
  • Cable length: 25 ft (additional lengths on request)
  • With optional NTC temperature sensor technology
  • With Phoenix Contact logo or a blank sticker field as an option
  • Degree of protection when plugged in: IP67
  • Degree of protection for touch protection: IP2XB
  • Certifications/standards: UL 2251, SAE J3400, IATF 16949

Your advantages

  • Conformance with UL 2251, SAE J3400, and IATF 16949
    ensures the highest quality, safety, and compatibility
  • IP2XB touch protection with molded caps
    provides maximum electrical safety
  • Optional temperature sensor technology protects against overheating
  • Longitudinal water tightness protects live parts from moisture
  • Ergonomic design facilitates handling
  • Available on request with your logo, custom cable length, and assembled cable end
100% standard-compliant design of the CHARX connect eco NACS charging cables

100% standard-compliant For the highest quality, safety, and compatibility

Our NACS charging cables comply with the SAE J3400 automotive standard, which was adopted at the end of 2023 and is based on the proprietary Tesla charging connector. Our charging cables are UL 2251 certified, i.e., they have passed the UL safety tests and bear the UL certification mark. All development and production steps are also certified in accordance with the IATF 16949 automotive standard and therefore meet the high quality and process requirements of the automotive industry. All in all, this means:

  • Robustness and durability due to the high quality of material and workmanship
  • Maximum electrical safety for users
  • High system availability and failsafe performance for the operator
  • Cross-manufacturer compatibility with all other standardized NACS charging connection systems such as NACS vehicle charging inlets
IP2XB touch protection of the CHARX connect eco NACS charging cables

Robust touch protection For durable electrical safety

In accordance with UL standard 2251, our NACS charging connectors are equipped with touch protection, which meets IP2XB degree of protection. This touch protection is implemented by protruding pins within the power contacts. Electrical accidents caused by inadvertently touching the contacts are thus prevented.

What makes our touch protection special are the fully molded plastic caps of the pins, which ensure a secure and permanent hold. This prevents the caps from getting stuck inside the vehicle charging inlet and resulting in costly failure of the charging station.

Customer-specific assembly of the NACS CHARX connect eco charging cables

Custom cable assembly Suitable for your installation requirements

Our NACS charging cables are available as standard as a 25 ft long, unassembled cable. We also produce different cable lengths on request and offer a wide range of options for assembly – tailored to the installation requirements of your NACS charging stations:

  • Flexible stripping length
  • Custom step cut
  • Crimped with ferrules
  • Crimped with cable ring lugs
  • Compacted using ultrasonic welding technology
3D View

Experience the NACS charging connector in 3D

Take a look at the NACS AC charging connector from the CHARX connect eco family in precise detail. The product can be viewed from any angle using the zoom and rotate functions.

Electric cars being charged in the evening at an illuminated fast charging park

Outlook for further NACS products DC charging cables and vehicle charging inlets

Our development teams are working day in, day out on further product innovations for the North American Charging Standard. Here is an overview of when you can expect various NACS products from Phoenix Contact:

  • NACS DC charging cables for fast charging with 200 A and over 300 A (uncooled) and with over 600 A (cooled) will follow in 2025
  • Customer-specific NACS vehicle charging inlets for automobile manufacturers will be developed in parallel
  • Universal NACS vehicle charging inlets for utility vehicles, mobile machinery, and the transport sector will be available in various performance classes from 2026

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