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All Electric Society

Technical solutions for a future worth living

What is the All Electric Society?
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A global society in which regenerative and affordable electrical energy is available in sufficient quantities: This is the All Electric Society – the scientifically based vision of the future of a CO2-neutral and sustainably developing world. The way to get there is through the comprehensive electrification, networking and automation of all relevant areas of life and work. Phoenix Contact empowers its customers with numerous products, solutions, and application examples to actively shape this transformation towards a sustainable industrial society.

This is the vision of the All Electric Society – a vision in which all of the major issues of our time are addressed. After all, carbon-neutral energy will be a key factor in allowing us to fight climate change while allowing for global prosperity. Phoenix Contact is on the front lines of this trend, empowering its partners and customers.

Frank Stührenberg, CEO Phoenix Contact
Frank Stührenberg
Climate change and the industrial challenges
Climate change and the industrial challenges YouTube

Climate change affects us all

At first glance, the two major issues that our society currently faces – the fight against climate change and the billions of people striving for prosperity and development – seem to be contradictory and irreconcilable. However, they can only be addressed simultaneously. The challenge is to permit consumption but protect the climate at the same time. Technical innovations will play a crucial role in tackling these issues. The goal: The world’s entire energy needs will be met through renewable sources.

For a livable future
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Sustainable energy for sustainable growth

A report by the World Economic Forum Davos published in 2020 found that technology will play a critical role in achieving of 10 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). (Source: Unlocking Technology for the Global Goals). Around 70% of the sub-goals are directly supported by technical innovations. Goal number 7 – clean, affordable energy – is the key to realizing the All Electric Society. Today, many products and solutions from Phoenix Contact already offer initial answers to these future questions.

Production machine

Open control technology enables future- proof automation solutions Benefit from the collective intelligence of IT and OT specialists

To automize sectors comprehensively, control technology has to grow together across the borders of individual fields of application. Open control technology such as the PLCnext Technology ecosystem makes this possible – regardless of hardware and programming languages. In addition, it exploits the collective intelligence of IT and OT specialists for quick implementation and continuous development of individual solutions.

Offshore wind park

Reliable power supply solutions avoid failures of networked systems Ensure superior system availability

The increasing electrification, networking, and automation of sectors leads to a growing dependency on reliable power supply solutions. For a reliable supply and coupling of sectors, we provide solutions for all applications – with surge protection, uninterruptible power supply, redundancy modules, and compatible device circuit breakers.

Bodywork automotive production

Single Pair Ethernet enables seamless IIoT communication up to the field level Resource-efficient and high-performance data transmission

Automation is the key to make sectors more energy-efficient. It is accompanied by the networking of all machines, devices, sensors, and actuators to an Industrial Internet of Things. Here, Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) ensures consistent Ethernet communication. SPE stands for parallel, high-performance transmission of data and power. Resource-efficient thanks to a single pair of wires and from the sensor to the cloud.

Radio mast in big city

5G makes wireless communication reliable Powerful networking within and between all sectors

A reliable networking is the basic requirement for sector coupling. The 5G broadband technology enables wireless communication within and between all sectors: with high data rates, high numbers of participants, and extremely low latency times. Intelligent 5G communication between machines and applications ensures autonomous and more efficient processes – from production to logistics.

City at sunrise

The right data makes buildings energy-efficient Comprehensive automation with an open IoT framework

A photovoltaic system on the roof, a combined heat and power plant in the cellar, charging stations in front of the door: sector coupling has already become reality in modern buildings. In order to be able to operate them as an overall system in an automated manner and as energy-efficiently as possible, a wide variety of data, whether from systems or sensors, must be ready for universal use. The open IoT framework of the Emalytics building management system makes this possible.

Aerial view solar panels

Certified feed-in controllers lower the hurdles for an energy revolution Faster grid connection of photovoltaic systems

Distributed photovoltaic systems contribute significantly to a reliable power supply in the All Electric Society. Certified feed-in controllers from Phoenix Contact enable fast and unbureaucratic grid connection of new systems – without having to wait a long time for the certificate of grid conformity. This way, they do not only simplify but even accelerate the energy revolution.

Parking garage with e-charging station

Vehicle-to-grid turns vehicle fleets into profitable energy storage Using batteries of e-vehicles as current buffers

The CHARX control modular e-mobility charging controllers enable intelligent charging of e-vehicle batteries. Moreover, they are also able to return electricity to the grid whenever necessary. The technology behind that is called vehicle-to-grid. The technical requirements and underlying conditions are described in ISO 15118. CHARX control modular meets this standard and is prepared for vehicle-to-grid.

Street at night

Efficient mobility starts with intelligent light management Reduced energy consumption along smart transportation routes

With modern control technology, sensors, and connection to cloud-based services, Smart Street Lighting makes street lighting intelligent: street lights adjust their lighting intensity to weather conditions, changing light conditions, and the prevailing road use. For more safety, comfort, and efficiency on smart transportation routes. With significantly reduced energy consumption.