Whistleblowing system within our company

Whistleblowing system at Phoenix Contact The platform for trust and openness - acting with integrity in all activities and in accordance with legal and internal requirements.

Why should I report something?

Are you aware of any damaging conduct or commercial and legal risks? If so, the BKMS® whistleblower system is available to you. The electronic platform has been set up so that you can report potential violations of legal obligations and internal regulations. It can be used in suspected cases of:

  • Corruption
  • Fraud, breach of trust, embezzlement
  • Violation of competition law
  • Money laundering
  • Breach of data protection
  • Theft
  • Environmental and occupational health and safety violations
  • Disregard of social standards and human rights

Phoenix Contact pursues a policy of open communication. As a rule, your line manager is your first port of call if there are any errors or irregularities. If external third parties are aware of errors or irregularities, they should be directed to their designated point of contact at Phoenix Contact.

The BKMS® whistleblower system is a certified system with the functionality to preserve anonymity. Should you prefer, you can also report information without disclosing your identity. Your reports will be recorded in the BKMS® whistleblower system and will be viewed by an employee at an international law firm. If further communication is required between the relevant attorney and you as the whistleblower, this will be conducted in strict confidence and, if desired, anonymously.