Solar tracking

Controllers for the exact alignment of photovoltaic trackers

Controllers for the exact alignment of photovoltaic trackers

Drive control

Small-scale controllers with an integrated Modbus interface are ideal for controlling tracking systems.

Step motor drivers and frequency converters can be connected directly without any additional modules. Analog or incremental input channels are available for position detection.

Motor starter for tracking photovoltaic panels

Durable motor starters are ideal for tracking


The hybrid motor starter offers four functions for tracking the photovoltaic panels: forward running, reverse running, motor protection, and emergency stop.

In comparison to mechanical contactors, the motor starter is significantly more durable, saves space, and can be wired quickly.

Excerpt from software for tracking PV panels

Complex function blocks for solar altitude calculation

Function block libraries

Phoenix Contact provides a comprehensive library with complete function blocks. This includes, among other features, complex blocks with DIN/NREL algorithms for solar altitude calculation and for monitoring the photovoltaic trackers.

It ensures that the photovoltaic panels are always aligned perfectly with the sun at any time of the day or year and provide maximum yield.

Efficient open and closed-loop control of solar tracking systems

Increase the yield from your photovoltaic system by systematically tracking photovoltaic panels.

Example layout of a solar tracking system

Tracking systems optimize the yield of photovoltaic panels with continuous monitoring