I/O signal marshalling

I/O signal marshalling

We offer you a variety of solutions for I/O signal marshalling in process automation:
The flexible VIP I/O marshalling signal marshalling system makes I/O signal marshalling for universal I/O consistent, from the field to the controller. Our Termination Carriers provide you with a Plug and Play solution for standard I/O system signal marshalling enabling you to connect classic DIN rail devices to the standard I/O cards of your automation system.

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I/O signal marshalling for Universal I/O systems

I/O signal marshalling for Universal I/O systems becomes truly universal with VIP I/O marshalling. The flexible I/O signal marshalling system is a controller-independent solution that combines I/O signal marshalling and processing in one system. The flexible plug-in function modules allow you to configure the channels individually and consistently from the field to the control level.

Termination Carrier

I/O signal marshalling for standard I/O systems

For your standard I/O signal marshalling, we offer you a space-saving Plug and Play solution: Our Termination Carriers help you to quickly connect classic DIN rail signal conditioners and safety relays to the standard input and output cards of automation systems without errors using pre-assembled system cabling. Our Termination Carriers are among the most compact module carrier systems for standard I/O signal marshalling on the market.

I/O signal marshalling for Universal I/O and standard I/O in comparison

In I/O signal marshalling for standard I/O systems, the field signals are sorted in the marshalling level according to their signal type and processed via the interface level. They are then wired to the signal-specific I/O cards on the control unit. In contrast, I/O signal marshalling and conversion for Universal I/O systems allows flexible assignment of channels from the field to the controller.

I/O signal routing for Universal I/O and standard I/O systems in comparison

Product overview in comparison

Universal I/O signal marshalling

Standard I/O signal marshalling

Control input Universal I/O cards with flexible channel assignment (one I/O card for all signal types) I/O cards with fixed assignment according to signal type (one I/O card is required per signal type)
Signal marshalling Combined marshalling and interface layer Separate marshalling and interface layers
Signal processing Pluggable input-output accessories, upright wiring on field and control side Termination Carrier with DIN rail devices, vertical wiring on the control side
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