Uncooled CCS charging cables – High Power Charging with a permanent 375 kW

Uncooled CHARX connect professional HPC charging cables

The new HPC charging cables of the CHARX connect professional family from Phoenix Contact enable safe High Power Charging with a permanent 375 kW and do not require any cooling.

The CCS charging cables do not require cost-intensive liquid cooling. Instead, they are equipped with a larger conductor cross-section of 4 x 50 mm². This means that HPC charging stations can be operated at 375 A continuously and safely without cooling at temperatures of up to 40°C, and with even higher charging currents for short periods in Boost Mode. The resulting particularly short charging times make charging electric cars at the e-service station suitable for everyday use.

The uncooled charging cables also come with smart features and unlimited safety: For the reliable billing of charging processes compliant with calibration laws, the cable and connector are prepared for four-conductor measurement technology. This allows recording the power dissipation in the charging cable in order to precisely determine the energy transferred to the electric vehicle.

An innovative two-chamber sealing system enhances the safety of the CCS charging connector even more. Here, the spatial separation of the two DC+ and DC- power contacts reliably prevents potential short circuits.

Separately available repair kits can be used to replace the mating face, including the power contacts, quickly and inexpensively without having to replace the entire charging cable.

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