Small terminal blocks for maximum benefits

MPT miniature terminal block

The terminal blocks in miniature format from Phoenix Contact can be conveniently wired and mounted in various ways in even the narrowest of spaces. Depending on the application, the miniature terminal blocks are available with Push-in or screw connection technology.

The miniature terminal blocks are a particularly good choice for the increasing miniaturization in machine building and switching device and control cabinet building. Despite their small sizes, they benefit from the advantages of the CLIPLINE complete system with large-area labeling options for all terminal points, simple potential distribution using standardized plug-in bridges, and test accessories. The miniature terminal blocks offer flexible mounting options on the small 15 mm DIN rail. Plug-in solutions ensure a modular and time-saving design. The portfolio also includes ground terminals of the same shape. These have the suffix PE and comply with the provisions of the IEC 60947-7-2 standard.

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