Security routers make OT networks secure

FL MGUARD 2102 and FL MGUARD 4302 Gigabit security routers

The new FL MGUARD 2102 and FL MGUARD 4302 Gigabit security routers from Phoenix Contact combine mGuard security software with powerful hardware.

They are designed to protect industrial networks against unauthorized access or malware intrusion.

With their increased data throughput of almost 1,000 Mbps, the security routers provide a higher level of security without any restrictions on data traffic. The mGuard security technology enables you to control and safeguard communication within production networks. The routers are functionally compatible with the current mGuard modules to the greatest possible extent. This makes it easy to use them in existing applications.

The FL MGUARD 2102 is recommended for machine builders and system manufacturers who require fast integration into the production network in addition to secure remote maintenance. As well as ensuring the security of the OT network infrastructure, the FL MGUARD 4302 enables the efficient management of multiple mGuard security routers within a system.

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