Overcurrent protection for explosion-protected areas

Customized CAPAROC circuit breaker system for explosion-protected areas

The customizable Caparoc circuit breaker system from Phoenix Contact now also offers modules for explosion-protected areas, thereby extending the range of possible applications.

A wide range of power modules and circuit breaker modules can be combined to create a customized system that is tailored directly to the specific needs and requirements. The Caparoc PM S-R EX power module and the new adjustable, two-channel circuit breaker modules reliably protect loads in explosion-protected areas against overload and short-circuit currents.

In addition, Ex e approvals for zone 2 extend the wide range of possible applications for this flexible system. The technology used in the customizable circuit breaker system remains up to date thanks to updates that can even be applied during operation.

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Eva von der Weppen
Eva von der Weppen | Corporate Communications