Officially certified by the VDE: CHARX control modular AC charging controllers for charging that is compliant with calibration laws

Official presentation of the examination certificate at VDE e. V. in Offenbach, Germany

In mid-June, the VDE Testing and Certification Institute invited us to Offenbach, Germany – for the official presentation of the examination certificate for billing compliant with calibration laws, specifically German measurement and calibration law, for the CHARX control modular AC charging controller from Phoenix Contact.

By using the pre-certified package, billing that is compliant with German measurement and calibration law can be easily implemented. This significantly simplifies the certification process for the customer’s own AC charging solution.

At the presentation, Sven Öhrke, member of the Executive Board of the VDE Testing and Certification Institute, explained the specific requirements met by the example application, which consisted of a built-in display, signing energy meter, and controller software. “For the ‘CHARX control modular’ product, compliance with the requirements of Annex 4 Part B Module B of the German Measurement and Calibration Regulation of December 11, 2014 (Federal Law Gazette (BGBl.) I p. 2010ff) has been certified on the basis of a one-time examination with product samples. The examination certificate issued by the VDE Institute clearly demonstrates that the requirements within the market and for the consumer have been respected and met.” In addition to providing design freedom through the visualization of all calibration-related data on the built-in display, the CHARX control modular AC charging controller also reduces the sealing effort involved at the charging station through the use of tamper-proof software. It is also possible to implement flexible topologies with multiple charging points. The VDE mark attests to the safety and quality of the product.

“The VDE mark is widely recognized as a mark of safety and quality by manufacturers and consumers alike,” Öhrke emphasizes. It signifies that devices have been tested and certified by an independent body and thus satisfy the safety requirements of the standards.

With close to 125 years of experience in testing and certification, the VDE provides dependable quality and professionalism. As Sven Öhrke assures, “Neutrality and consistently high-quality results are the standard here.”
On behalf of Phoenix Contact, Michael Heinemann, CEO Phoenix Contact E-Mobility, thanks the VDE for their long-standing working relationship based on mutual trust.

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