Multi-level terminal blocks with Push-in connection for space-saving wiring on multiple levels

PT 2,5-4L four-level terminal blocks with accessories

With the new PT 2,5-4L… four-level terminal blocks, Phoenix Contact offers a particularly compact terminal block family.

The front connection and the four levels enable wiring in a confined space. They are just 5.2 mm wide and feature a Push-in connection. The new terminal blocks therefore use the uniform system accessories of Clipline complete and reduce logistics costs.

The new product family consists of several four-level terminal blocks with Push-in Technology. In addition to feed-through versions, these also include function versions such as disconnect and knife-disconnect terminal blocks or sensor/actuator versions with and without LED indicator. The four-level terminal blocks have a function shaft on each level. This function shaft enables both vertical and horizontal potential distribution, thus achieving a high degree of flexibility.

Furthermore, the function shaft is suitable for accommodating various test accessories so that the individual terminal points can be tested quickly and easily. In addition, the terminal blocks are equipped with large marking areas, allowing the individual levels to be marked separately and providing an optimal overview.

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Eva von der Weppen
Eva von der Weppen | Corporate Communications