M12 hybrid connector for Single Pair Ethernet

Product overview of the SPE Hybrid M12 connector

With the high-performance M12 hybrid connector in the Onepair series for Single Pair Ethernet (SPE), Phoenix Contact lays the foundation for demanding IIoT applications and the next level of industrial automation.

The SPE connector combines data and power in one system. With two circuits of 2 x 8 A and up to 63 V, transmission speeds of up to 1 Gbps are possible. With the innovative hybrid design for data and power transmission, the SPE connector saves space. Following the trend towards miniaturization, the reduction in weight and simplification of the system offers customers completely new areas of application and opportunities to save costs. The connector was developed based on the international cross-manufacturer standard IEC 63171-7, thus offering users future-proof design-in.

Whether automating processes, factories, or other buildings, with the reliable SPE connection technology, customers can harness the new potential of digitalization. The M12 hybrid connectors are robust and suitable for demanding applications such as industrial use in the field.

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