IO-Link Safety: the new standard

Connection of standard and functionally safe sensors to the control level with IO-Link Safety.

The IO-Link Safety technology enables safe and consistent data transmission from the control level right through to the connection of safety-related sensors and actuators in the field.

IO-Link has established itself as the communication standard in machine building and systems manufacturing. By forwarding data that is additionally provided by intelligent sensors and actuators, manufacturing processes can be optimized as part of digitalization.

Functional safety also benefits from advantages such as universal use, data accuracy, and data availability. The safety-related system extension is based on the use of IO-Link Safety masters and IO-Link Safety devices. The IO-Link Safety I/O box from Phoenix Contact enables the integration of safe sensors and actuators into IO-Link Safety systems. There are eight safe digital inputs and four safe digital outputs available for this purpose. These connections enable the easy installation of sensors and actuators in the field and provide access to extended diagnostic data. The interaction of IO-Link and IO-Link Safety therefore promises new, manufacturer-independent machine and system concepts.

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