International feed-in controller certification

Control system for feed-in control in decentralized power generation plants

The Power Control Unit (PCU) from Phoenix Contact for feed-in control in decentralized power generation plants has been certified for the country of Poland since June 2022. It now complies with the Network Code on the Requirements for Generators (NC RfG) and enables simplified commissioning and connection to the power grid.

The NC RfG came into effect across Europe in April 2016. This network code regulates the conditions for connecting electricity generators on all voltage levels. It focuses on trading electricity across borders and regulations including, for example, capabilities for frequency support and the provision of reactive power. Each European country defines this directive in more detail in order to apply it within its own national context.

Phoenix Contact was one of the first manufacturers to have the Power Control Unit (PCU) certified for the German market in 2019. Since then, this certificate in accordance with VDE-AR-N 4110/20 has been applied successfully in Germany for plants above 135 kWp. In total, more than 1 GWp of plant capacity is already being controlled. Phoenix Contact is the first manufacturer to successfully implement a component certificate in Poland for the feed-in management of synchronous generators and all other generation units. In this way, Phoenix Contact is making a contribution to accelerating Poland’s independence from fossil fuels. The certificate for Spain is expected in July 2022.

Press Contact
Eva von der Weppen | Corporate Communications