Increasing efficiency in control cabinet building with the clipx ENGINEER engineering software

Employee working with clipx ENGINEER engineering software

The clipx ENGINEER engineering software from Phoenix Contact is the software for control cabinet building that optimizes data consistency from the circuit diagram to the control cabinet. Bidirectional interfaces to CAE systems and automatic creation of terminal strips via intelligent engineering assistants simplify the planning process.

Optimized cooperation between planning and manufacturing can significantly reduce production times in control cabinet building. The starting point of the engineering is often to use CAE systems, which involves creating the circuit, assembly, and wiring diagrams digitally.

The engineering software uses exactly this work step as its point of departure and provides the option to add the still-missing yet necessary item information for all Phoenix Contact products with only a few clicks. The integrated auto-correction function proactively points out opportunities for optimization that can then be implemented directly. These optimizations can be performed either individually or all at the same time. It is also possible to use the engineering software to place the required accessories, connectors, bridges, and markings in the right places. The enriched data can then be used to complete the project. Users have the choice of ordering the planned terminal strips directly via Phoenix Contact and having them delivered, or passing on the digital manufacturing data to the company’s own production.

In addition, the enriched data can be imported into the leading CAE system, such as EPLAN, for example, via the bidirectional interface. In the process, all the items that are still missing are stored at the respective connection points and transferred to the bill of materials of the CAE system. This reduces time-consuming planning tasks and increases efficiency in electrical planning.

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