Highly compact Mini Analog Pro Ex i signal conditioners with SIL 3 win the Gold German Innovation Award 2023

Highly compact Mini Analog Pro Ex i signal conditioners on a DIN rail with the Ex i, SIL 3, and German Innovation Award Gold Winner logos

The German Design Council gave the German Innovation Award to the new Ex i versions in Phoenix Contact’s slim 6.2 mm Mini Analog Pro signal conditioner family with SIL 3.

In the main category “Excellence in Business-to-Business”, the independent jury of representatives from the fields of business, design, and science chose Phoenix Contact as the Gold Winner for groundbreaking achievements in the industry.

The signal conditioners offer explosion protection and functional safety in a compact design. The jury was also impressed by the space savings of up to 50 percent compared to current solutions. Measurement technology signals are reliably processed in this overall width, and the safety of personnel, the environment, and the system is simultaneously ensured. The products are consistently rated to the highest safety level, SIL 3 one out of one. The operating concept, configuration and monitoring app, communication gateways, digital tagging, and digital nameplate are particularly user-friendly and future-proof.

The German Innovation Award recognizes products, technologies, and services that break new, innovative ground and offer solutions that stand out for their added value for users and the environment. These forward-thinking innovations are possible in all industries and at all levels – whether industry giants or start-ups. The German Innovation Award offers equal opportunities to all those who drive innovation forward and brings their achievements to the attention of a wide audience.

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Eva von der Weppen
Eva von der Weppen | Corporate Communications