Filters for universal use

Filter on a DIN rail

The new filter portfolio from Phoenix Contact consists of single-phase mains filters with and without an integrated overvoltage protection circuit.

The DIN rail-mountable, universally applicable EMC filters have IP20 degree of protection. In addition to the filters for power supply systems, a filter with integrated surge protection for MCR signals is also available. The design of the filters for mounting on DIN rails are consistent with the COMPLETE line design.

The SFP2 product versions provide effective protection against transient overvoltages and HF interference. The integrated surge protection function protects both the input and output side of the filter against surge voltages. Filters of the FIL product families have additional PE terminal points. This improves the filter effect for high-frequency interferences between the active wires and the ground potential. This way, an EMC-optimized installation and an improved protective effect is also achieved for EMC filters in plastic housings. The new EMC filters are available with Push-in and screw connection technology.

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