Engineering software​ for control cabinet building

Preview of the functional engineering function of the clipx ENGINEER engineering software for control cabinet building on a tablet

The clipx ENGINEER software provides increased efficiency. Time and effort in the design process can be reduced through the use of prefabricated projects.

The specification and filtering of suitable products for a control cabinet project represents a major challenge. The clipx ENGINEER software includes a digital assistant that provides precise support for electronics designers in identifying and specifying projects.

In functional engineering, product groups can be stored in order to
create shareable templates and configurators. These can be easily integrated into any project and adapted to individual use cases. In addition, by using prefabricated projects, already-proven product combinations can be acquired and used at any time. This ensures that the products are used appropriately and are suitable for the purpose in question.

Functional engineering allows the electronics design team to focus on the requirements of the application. Time and effort in the design process are reduced.

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