End-to-end redundancy with active redundancy modules with ACB Technology

QUINT ORING redundancy module with ACB technology

The new QUINT ORING redundancy modules with ACB Technology now feature application-specific surge protection and two outputs for high system availability.

The active redundancy modules monitor the entire redundant system, from the input voltage, decoupling paths, and wiring to the load current. Critical operating states are detected at an early stage. Via this information, errors are localized and redundancy is restored. The permanent monitoring of input voltage, output current, and decoupling path offers the advantage of preventive function monitoring. The modules are used to ensure consistent redundancy up to the load with two positive and two negative output terminals. In addition, the ACB technology (Auto Current Balancing) used extends the service life of the redundantly operated power supplies by evenly distributing the load and effectively contributes to minimizing the costs of the system. Advanced MOSFET technology increases efficiency and provides energy savings of up to 70 percent. The integrated surge protection at the output (Over Voltage Protection) also protects the connected consumers and loads from overvoltage and thus increases operational safety.

For the first time, surge protection is available on an application-specific basis and can be ordered individually (OVP levels: 26.5 V, 28.8 V, 30 V, and 32 V). The wide temperature range of -40 to +70°C and ATEX, IECEx, and UL HazLoc approvals enable its use in extreme environmental conditions.

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