Connectors with lever Push-in technology

Red LPS service connector in an XT 2,5 Push-X terminal block

New from Phoenix Contact: Service and load-contact connectors with lever Push-in technology.

The lever technology enables fast and effort-saving multiple wiring of different conductor types with and without ferrules. The connectors are simply integrated into the function shaft of the terminal blocks.

Various tests can be carried out quickly and easily with the LPS service connectors. The contact springs have a silver-plated surface to ensure permanent and consistent quality.

The LPO load-contact connectors enable the easy integration of additional load contacts. This means the LPO connectors provide a significant advantage, in particular if design changes are necessary in the control cabinet. The special design enables a durable and robust connection. The new connectors feature maximum ease of use, a secure connection, high flexibility, and fast installation.

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