Configurable safety modules for extreme ambient conditions

PSRmodular configurable safety modules

With the PSRmodular XC (eXtended Conditions) configurable safety modules from Phoenix Contact, functional safety requirements can be reliably implemented even under extreme ambient conditions.

The new modules have an extended temperature range of up to +70°C. They are equipped with a coated printed circuit board for use in atmospheres containing harmful gases. Due to their extended approval, the PSRmodular XC modules can also be used in maritime applications. Further approvals for use in explosive atmospheres and for use in heat treatment machinery are in preparation.

The portfolio has also been extended to include a new base module with integrated network interface. This means that all important protocols, such as Ethernet/IP, Profinet, Modbus/TCP, or even EtherCAT, can be used without an additional gateway. Two built-in RJ45 ports enable remote maintenance via remote access.

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