Communicative 24 V supply system

24 V supply system

The new, communicative 24 V supply system from Phoenix Contact provides greater data transparency and high system availability.

The necessary components, namely power supply, fuse protection, and uninterruptible power supply, can be combined to create an overall concept and offer advantages for users through system integration. In industries where high system availability is key, knowledge about system states and operating states is essential. Operating data can be used to identify, localize, and correct critical operating states and anomalies promptly before they result in expensive production downtime. The intelligent solution, consisting of the QUINT POWER power supply in combination with the CAPAROC circuit breaker system or the intelligent QUINT DC UPS, increases the data transparency of the entire system and provides information on all relevant operating and diagnostic data. Downtimes are reduced to a minimum with preventive function monitoring and various interfaces are available for readout. Complete data consistency from the 400 V AC side to the 24 V DC side enables even earlier advanced warning of pending faults. In addition to saving costs by handling monitoring functions, the targeted maintenance and remote diagnostics of the system can be performed directly via the power supply. The interfaces are used to transfer data that can be collected by the system and to parameterize the QUINT POWER power supply. The parameterization, such as the output voltage, is adopted directly after a device is replaced or a new system is set up, saving time and avoiding errors for the user.

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