3D online configurator for modular plug-in test systems

Online configurator for Fame plug-in test system in 3D

The Fame plug-in test systems are the modular system kit for energy technology from Phoenix Contact. With the Fame configurator, individual solutions for the function testing of current and voltage transformers, as well as tripping and signal contacts, can now be created in just a few clicks.

In an intuitive 3D visualization, the connection technology and mounting type are configured first. All data, such as the marking or coding, are automatically transferred from the plug-in test socket to the test plug and dummy cover, so that the three individual parts of the solution match each other at all times. This means that only the plug-in test socket is configured. The other individual parts are automatically derived.

Once the configuration is complete, the digital product data are available for download as an individual data sheet for the solution, renderings and 3D models in various formats, and drawings. Finally, the configuration can be added to the cart and ordered. The price and item number are displayed immediately. The item number is stored in Phoenix Contact’s systems and can be called up again at any time or the solution can be re-ordered.

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