Motor manager

Motor manager

In addition to motor protection, the motor manager enables you to detect all critical load states of asynchronous motors. Benefit from reliable motor management: active power measurement enables you to protect your motors against overload or underload, as in the case of conveyor or pump monitoring, for example. Freely programmable switching and signaling thresholds provide individual motor protection.

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ME 22,5 TBUS 1,5/ 5-ST-3,81 GY - DIN rail bus connectors
ME 22,5 TBUS 1,5/ 5-ST-3,81 GY - DIN rail bus connectors

DIN rail connector, color: gray, nominal current: 8 A (parallel contacts), rated voltage (III/2): 125 V, number of positions: 5, product range: TBUS5-22,5.., pitch: 3.81 mm, mounting: DIN rail mounting, locking: without, mounting: without, type of packaging: packed in cardboard, Item with gold-plated contacts, bus connectors for connecting with electronics housings, 5 parallel contacts

Your advantages

  • Integrated full motor protection with bimetal function and thermistor evaluation
  • Protection of high-quality system parts with freely parameterizable signaling and switching thresholds
  • Production data and energy data acquisition without the need for complex sensors
  • Process data such as performance values, operating hours, and switching cycles are safely transmitted between the field and control level
  • Easy configuration and diagnostics
  • Connection to controller via bus gateway
CONTACTRON motor manager

CONTACTRON motor managers: reliable monitoring and protection of motors

Motor managers – reliable monitoring

Our motor managers monitor motors for overload and underload, function, dirt, and wear. You can therefore provide permanent protection for pumps, actuating drives, fans, conveyor belts, and machine tools, for example.
The motor managers are parameterized very easily based on the FDT/DTM concept using the IFS-CONF software from Phoenix Contact.