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Intelligent automation with little effort Smart Production – step by step toward the Smart Factory

In order to meet current environmental requirements and to increase competitiveness, the standard of automation in productions must be increased continuously and under economic aspects.

With the “Smart Production“ solution, we offer you:

  • A broad portfolio of products and solutions for efficient automation and functional safety.
  • An intelligent, consistent, flexible, and open automation standard.
  • Intelligent approaches to human-machine collaboration as well as simple operation and uniform programming of production controls.
Smart Production

Increasing the level of automation under economic aspects

For intelligent production, a wide variety of requirements must be met, such as resource-saving process management, flexible production up to batch size 1, holistically secured network, and many more. Production systems are becoming increasingly faster, more effective, and error-free in their operation. However, costs are rising due to increasing automation. The required expertise is becoming more complex and broader. Accordingly, the change in the role of people in production is leading to a variety of challenges:

  • Reduction of engineering effort
  • Securing the return on investment (ROI)
  • Simple design of automation processes for employees
  • Intelligent human-machine collaboration with the highest functional safety standards

With our Smart Production solution, we were able to implement the safety requirement of system safety for the robot application in our production quickly, simply, and with a minimum of effort.

Sven Helmsen - Phoenix Contact, Production Support, SMT
Sven Helmsen
Employee operating a cobot

Working towards a smart factory

With the “Smart Production“ solutions we provide your production with:

  • Increased system availability with standardized and proven functions and extensive diagnostic options.
  • Engineering savings during program creation and commissioning with a preconfigured PLC application solution with comprehensive libraries.
  • The reduction of HMI engineering by up to 70% with the integrated HMI generator.
  • The ability to create a global automation standard that combines the highest standards of performance and functional vision.
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