Sustainability in purchasing

Purchasing goods and services accounts for one third of Phoenix Contact’s sales, which is why this area has a high priority within the organization.

Within the scope of our purchasing activities, both to internal consumers and to our business partners, we are aware of our responsibility of having a major impact on society and our environment.

As a result, company-wide sustainable action is also explicitly a key component of our purchasing policy.

Together with our suppliers, our goal is not only to create transparency in the value chain, but also to identify and address any issues that arise.

In this context, we expect our business partners to make a binding commitment to our sustainability requirements, which are described in the Phoenix Contact Group's Code of Conduct. In the spirit of partnership, issues such as mandatory working conditions, social and environmental compatibility, or cooperation based on trust are taken into account.

Further information on the topics of sustainability and climate protection within the Phoenix Contact Group can be found here: