Electronic invoice processing

E-billing registration

Sending your invoice to us in PDF format not only saves costs, but also enables faster data transmission. Furthermore, this helps us optimize the processing of your invoices.

Invoice quality requirements

The quality of your invoice is the basis for our processing. In particular, this ensures the contractual payment of the invoice amount.

  • The correct order number is listed on the invoice. If possible, the order number should be listed separately without any other information added to it.
  • The invoice meets the requirements of VAT law.
  • The invoices contains the gross, net, and tax amount.
  • The invoice address is the same as the invoice address noted in the purchase order.
  • Submit the original invoice in single copy. Do not send us copies of invoices.
  • The invoice must have a legible print quality. Choose a white background if possible.
  • Note your vendor number on the invoice.
  • The invoice must specify the quantity, unit, unit price, and net total value.
  • Specify the currency in ISO code (e. g., EUR).

Additional requirements for the exceptional case of an invoice without a purchase order reference

You must specify the full name of the requester.

In addition to the quality requirements, you must also specify either of the two following Phoenix Contact-specific references:

  • E-mail address of the requester (e. g., john.smith@phoenixcontact.com)
  • Cost center of the requester (e. g., cost center 108000)

Requirements for the e-billing process

  • You are required by law to archive the invoice sent to us.
  • Use only the permitted invoice format.
    • PDF document as an e-mail attachment.
    • Only one invoice may be included in the PDF document.
  • Specify the contact person for e-billing processes at your company.
  • Specify one or more e-mail addresses (preferably centralized and non-personal) from which you will send invoices to us. Invoices sent via other e-mail addresses cannot be processed further.
  • The correct Phoenix Contact order number is on the submitted invoice.
  • We do not accept any invoices by e-billing where general sales tax and other transaction-related taxes, other than German sales tax, are charged.
  • The invoice complies with the national legal framework for sending electronic invoices.

Requirements for PDF submission

In addition to the general quality standards, the following requirements for the creation and submission of PDF files apply.

Document creation

Do not send scanned documents. Create the PDF file directly from the source program (ERP, Excel, Word) using the print function.

File conventions

  • File type: only unencrypted documents with the .pdf file extension will be accepted and processed.
  • File name: no special characters (\ / : * ? " < > |)
  • File size: max. 50 MB per PDF file

E-mail conventions regarding invoice dispatch

  • If an invoice or invoice correction is not sent to the applicable address (see attachment below), your invoice will be marked as not received and will not be processed.
  • Send invoices or corrections to invoices only to the appropriate Phoenix Contact invoice addresses.
  • Only the companies named in the Phoenix Contact invoice recipient file can receive invoices electronically.
  • A maximum of 50 PDF documents with different file names can be processed per e-mail.

Below you will find the addresses of the invoice recipients at Phoenix Contact and the approval letter for sending the PDF.

Next steps

  1. Send us an e-mail to purchase@phoenixcontact.com with the following information:
    • Your contact person on the subject of e-billing as well as the associated department
    • Company name and address of your place of business
    • Your supplier number (if available)
    • Specification of one or more e-mail addresses (preferably centralized and non-personal) from which you will send invoices to us (invoice sender addresses)
    • Subject of the e-mail: "Participation in the e-billing procedure – supplier name/number"
  2. Download the Phoenix Contact invoice recipient addresses
  3. Download and archive the Phoenix Contact approval letter
  4. 24 hours after sending your e-mail to us, you can submit your invoices by e-mail to the Phoenix Contact invoice recipient addresses (see download documents).