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WLAN 1010 and WLAN 2010 Compact wireless module for external antennas

The WLAN 1010 and WLAN 2010 wireless modules are particularly compact. With their external antenna connections, they are perfectly suited for complex wireless tasks where it is necessary for the antenna positioning to be flexible. Moreover, they also feature the proven high reliability of the 1000 and 2000 series. They also feature robust, industrial housings, reliable MIMO wireless technology, and comprehensive software functions that can be configured over a wide range of interfaces such as web, SNMP, REST API, and CLI.

WLAN 1010 with DIN rail adaptor as an accessory

The WLAN 1010 features flexible mounting options

WLAN 1010 – fits into compact machines

Vehicles, warehouse shuttles, and machines should be small. Many designs face the same issue: Lack of space. All of the components therefore must be compact and flexible in mounting. The WLAN 1010 series was developed to address exactly this. The compact WLAN module can be mounted on walls and panels, or latched easily onto a DIN rail. The metal base plate ensures a secure attachment and reliable heat dissipation.

Your advantage: The device can be mounted anywhere.

WLAN 1010 with externally mounted antennas

Two external antennas on the WLAN 1010 ensure ideal wireless coverage

Connection for external antennas

The right antenna solution is key for a reliable wireless connection. To ensure good wireless coverage around a vehicle, you sometimes have to mount antennas on different sides of the vehicle. The FL WLAN 1010 is equipped with two antenna connections precisely for these cases. You therefore always have the optimum antenna solution.

Your advantage: The best reception, even when space is tight.

WLAN module with protective shield in the foreground

Particularly secure with security standards and user profiles

High security with two virtual access points and IP filters

Protecting your network and your data against misuse and manipulation is important to us. The WLAN 1010 supports the latest WLAN security standards, such as WPA-AES encryption and RADIUS authentication. Furthermore, different WLAN access points can be set up for two different user groups, e.g., service staff and operators, each with their own password and access filters. Thus, for example, service staff have unlimited WLAN access to all devices in the network, while operators can only access the visualization server.

Your advantage: Security against manipulation and misuse.

A controller configures the WLAN 1010 via a CLI command

The WLAN 1010 can be configured via REST API

Easy to control via the PLC – via REST API

The WLAN 1010 can be configured easily and controlled for runtime via a REST API using a PC or PLC. Several WLAN 1010 modules can therefore be configured quickly and easily with one command. Furthermore, network administration tasks can be automated via the controller, such as in order to assign a new single-use WLAN password to WLAN users for each connection. This is a simple solution to the security risk arising through use of shared, static WLAN passwords.

Your advantage: Full control for machine programming.

WLAN Mesh in a production hall

FL WLAN 2010 with the WLAN Mesh operating mode

WLAN Mesh for automation networks

With the new WLAN Mesh operating mode of the FL WLAN 2010 wireless modules, WLAN networks are easy to establish and ranges in existing WLAN networks can be increased. By using numerous mesh access points, you can cover larger areas without having to lay cables. The WLAN Mesh function is also available on older WLAN 2010 modules by updating the firmware.

Your advantage: Create autonomous, self-organizing ad hoc networks.

Typical areas of application of WLAN 1010 and 2010

Shuttles in high-bay warehouses
Installation on racking shuttles – including long, narrow aisle racking
Automation systems
Wireless integration of hard-to-access machine parts into the network
Automated guided vehicles and mobile robots
Communication to automated guided vehicles and mobile robots

Overview of WLAN 1010 and 2010

WLAN 1010
WLAN 2010
WLAN 1010

WLAN 2010

WLAN standards IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n
Frequency bands and channels (*depending on country) 2.4 GHz: channel 1 - 13* | 5 GHz: channel 36 - 165* 2.4 GHz: channel 1 - 13* | 5 GHz: channel 36 - 165*
Max. data rate (gross) 300 Mbps 300 Mbps
Max. data throughput (net) >60 Mbps <90 Mbps
Operation modes Access point, client, 2 virtual access points Access point, client, 2 virtual access points, mesh
Maximum transmission power 16 dBm 16 dBm
Number of antenna ports 2 (RSMA) 2 (RSMA)
Max. number of WLAN clients 10 clients 60 clients
Degree of protection when mounted IP20 IP20
Ambient temperature (operation) 0°C ... +60°C -40°C ... +60°C
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Comparison of further WLAN products

Compare the properties of our various WLAN wireless modules and easily find the right product for you.

FL WLAN 101x, FL WLAN 201x
FL WLAN 110x, FL WLAN 210x
FL WLAN 101x, FL WLAN 201x

Compact wireless module for external antennas

FL WLAN 110x, FL WLAN 210x

The WLAN solution for machine building


Make devices WLAN-capable quickly and easily

Mounting In the control cabinet, in control boxes (DIN rail adapter (optional*) or wall mounting) On the control cabinet, machines, etc. (single-hole mounting)
WLAN standards IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n
Maximum data rate (gross) 300 Mbps 300 Mbps
Maximum data rate (net) >60 Mbps (WLAN 101x), <90 Mbps (WLAN 201x) >60 Mbps
Antennas included No: Up to two external connections (RSMA) Yes: Two internal (5 dBi)
Maximum transmission power 19 dBm (antenna connection) 20 dBm (incl. antennas)
ATEX / IEC Ex Yes: WLAN 2010 (IEC Ex: WLAN 1011, 2011) No
Class 1, Division 2 Yes: WLAN 1011, 2011 Yes: WLAN 1101, 2101
Operating modes Access point, client, mesh (WLAN 201x only) Access point, client, mesh (WLAN 210x only)
Multiple WLAN interfaces Yes: Virtual dual access point or access point and client Yes: Virtual dual access point or access point and client
Maximum number of WLAN clients per AP 10 (WLAN 101x), 60 (WLAN 201x) 10 (WLAN 110x), 60 (WLAN 210x)
Connections 1 x RJ45 1 x RJ45
Type of protection IP20 IP54 (WLAN 110x), IP68 (WLAN 210x)
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