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Phoenix Contact offers innovative solutions for all your requirements in the field of power transmission and distribution.
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Aerial photo of a substation

Annunciator relays are used to reliably indicate dangerous states and operating states in control rooms, on control panels, and in mimic diagrams. Our range of alert systems notify users of a variety of system states clearly and in good time. Malfunctions and faults are quickly and reliably detected, which in turn allows them to be addressed immediately.

Annunciator relay

Reliably indicate dangerous states and operating states

The annunciator relays from Phoenix Contact are equipped with a freely configurable and easy-to-read display. Their robust design ensures reliable operation, even under harsh ambient conditions.

Compact signaling device

Continually monitor grid states

Our electronic display and signaling systems are used to process and visualize information. They are available with 8, 16, 24 or 40 message displays. As an option, they also allow data transmission to a control room using standardized communication protocols.

Determine operating states and visualize messages

Determine operating states and visualize messages

Signal processing systems provide the necessary overview of the current plant status. Phoenix Contact offers a range of solutions for this purpose, from displaying data in the field through to forwarding data to the control room.

The annunciator relays and infobox BASIC enable messages to be signaled visually on the device or with audible support, and for you to acknowledge them on site. Moreover, the infobox COM solution also enables data to be forwarded to a control room and for your data to be accessed remotely so that messages can be acknowledged and the necessary action can be taken.