AC UPS on the DIN rail

AC UPS for the DIN rail

In the event of voltage failure or voltage fluctuations, our AC UPS for the DIN rail ensures maximum failsafe performance and superior system availability. The AC UPS delivers a pure sine curve at the output and supplies AC consumers with alternating current without interruption. Choose the ideal AC UPS with appropriate energy storage for your application.

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Intelligent AC UPS with IQ Technology

AC UPS with IQ Technology

The QUINT family’s AC UPS with IQ Technology ensures superior system availability. The intelligent UPS monitors and optimizes your energy storage.

The IQ Technology informs you of the state of charge and the remaining runtime of your energy storage, and warns you in advance before failures occur. Moreover, you maximize the service life of the energy storage and can transfer all relevant information to your computer and higher-level controllers.

TRIO AC UPS with integrated energy storage

AC UPS with integrated energy storage

The TRIO family’s AC UPS with integrated energy storage saves space in the control cabinet and can be retrofitted into existing systems very easily.

The AC UPS combines the UPS module and energy storage in a single housing and ensures particularly long buffer times with the integrated VRLA energy storage system. The BAT-START cold start function enables startup from the energy storage system, even without a power supply network (120 V/230 V). Furthermore, the AC UPS includes an integrated USB interface for connection to higher-level controllers. Connected industrial PCs can be shut down easily using this.

The right energy storage system for your UPS solution

Energy storage

Extend your modular UPS system with the appropriate energy storage and achieve superior system availability. Whether for a long service life, long buffer times, or extreme ambient conditions – we provide you with the right energy storage for your AC UPS.