Terminal blocks with system

Terminal blocks with system

The Phoenix Contact terminal blocks enable a high degree of flexibility in terminal strip design. Choose between various connection technologies and combine the terminal blocks by installing bridges in the double function shaft. The terminal block system features standardized bridging, marking, and test accessories.

Product Family

Terminal blocks of the CLIPLINE complete system

The CLIPLINE complete terminal block system consists of various feed-through terminal blocks and function terminals with different connection technologies.

These include:

  • Simple, PT Push-in connection technology
  • Universal UT screw connection technology
  • Compact ST spring-cage connection technology
  • Fast QT QUICKON connection technology
  • Robust RT bolt connection technology
  • Modular COMBI plug-in connection technology

PROJECT complete configuration software

The system provides the opportunity to freely and flexibly combine the different terminal blocks using the doubled function shaft.
The system has uniform bridging, marking, and test accessories. You can lower your logistics and storage costs thanks to the resulting reduction in individual parts. Create terminal strips quickly and effectively using our free PROJECT complete configuration software.

CLIPLINE complete terminal blocks
CLIPLINE complete YouTube
Terminal blocks and accessories in one system

One accessory for all connection technologies

CLIPLINE complete accessories in detail Bridge accessories for potential distribution

The standardized bridge accessories of the CLIPLINE complete system allow easy potential distribution, jumpered bridging, and reducing bridging of the terminal blocks.
This allows you to carry out all bridging tasks quickly and flexibly. Phoenix Contact offers the following bridge variants:

  • FBD standard plug-in bridges
  • RB reducing bridges
  • Bridge bars
  • Wire bridges

CLIPLINE complete - test accessories for safe testing

Test accessories for the CLIPLINE complete system contact the current bars in the function shaft of the terminal blocks. To test the current flow of an occupied function shaft, the terminal blocks of the CLIPLINE complete system have additional test points. Various test plugs and test adapters are available to ensure that your tests are performed universally in every application:

  • Simple test plug with a diameter of 2.3 mm²
  • Two-piece test plugs
  • Alignable test plugs
  • Special test adapters

CLIPLINE complete - marking accessories for clear wiring

All terminal blocks of the CLIPLINE complete system use the uniform marking accessories from Phoenix Contact. The following accessories are available to you to mark your wiring clearly and safely:

  • Marking accessories for terminal point marking
  • Marking accessories for terminal marking
  • Marking accessories for terminal block group marking
  • Marking accessories for terminal strip marking
  • Warning labels
Terminal blocks meet national and international standards

Terminal blocks with international approval

Terminal blocks exceed the requirements imposed by standards

The terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact have been tested and approved for a wide range of national and international approvals.
The terminal blocks are very resistant to environmental influences, which is why they are designed for pollution degree 3. This degree indicates that conductive contamination in the form of dust, liquids, or gaseous substances can occur. In addition, the terminal block materials provide you with long-term stability and guarantee long-term reliability. The terminal blocks exceed the requirements imposed by standards in various industries thanks to their material properties and their electrical and mechanical properties.
The terminal blocks are tested throughout the entire manufacturing process in order to ensure that this quality is consistently maintained.

Phoenix Contact terminal block fields of application

  • Systems manufacturing and machine building
  • Elevator manufacturing and escalator manufacturing
  • Automotive and vehicle technology
  • Railway industry
  • Chemical/petrochemical industry
  • Energy technology
  • Process technology and process engineering
  • Shipbuilding
  • Solar power
  • Wind power
Push-in terminal block with plugged-in conductors and bridges

Simple PT Push-in connection

Push-in connection technology

With Push-in connection technology, you can connect conductors from 0.25 mm² easily - both directly and without tools. The special terminal block contact spring allows up to 50% lower insertion force. Other features include the high contact quality and high conductor pull-out forces. PT technology is available for terminal blocks with a nominal cross-section of up to 185 mm².
Alongside the benefits already discussed, the PT terminal blocks also offer the following advantages:

  • Time-saving connection of pretreated and rigid conductors
  • Safe wiring and operation, thanks to the color-coded push button
  • The conductor can be easily released, without special tools
Screw terminal block with conductors and bridges

Universal UT screw connection

Screw connection technology

The terminal blocks with screw connection technology have been known and accepted worldwide for over 80 years. The screw connection provides maximum contact force and is maintenance-free due to the Reakdyn principle. The terminal blocks allow multi-conductor connection at just one terminal point. Connect copper conductors with up to 240 mm² cross section without any pretreatment.

PTV terminal blocks with Push-in connection on the side

PTV Push-in connection on the side

Push-in connection on the side

The PTV terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact have a Push-in connection on the side.
The connection combines the screw connection conductor routing on the side with the Push-in connection direct connection technology that does not require tools. The terminal blocks therefore combine the advantages of both connection technologies. This ensures clear and fast wiring without bending radii.

Spring-cage terminal block with conductors and bridges

Compact ST spring-cage connection

Spring-cage connection

The terminal blocks with spring-cage connection are particularly well-suited for vibration-sensitive applications. The constant spring force means that the terminal blocks provide high contact reliability that is not dependent on the user. The terminal points on the spring-cage terminal blocks can be opened easily with a screwdriver. The terminal blocks are available up to a cross section of 35 mm².

QUICKON insulation displacement connection with conductors

Fast QT QUICKON connection

Fast-connection technology

The terminal blocks with fast-connection technology feature a patented insulation displacement contact that can be operated with the space-saving swiveling lever using a screwdriver.
The insulated, non-pretreated conductor is connected in just one step.
The resulting time savings can be up to 60%. Due to the available cross sections of up to 4 mm², the terminal blocks are suitable for control current wiring in the control cabinet.

COMBI connection with plug

Modular COMBI plug-in connection

Pluggable COMBI connection

The terminal blocks with COMBI connection are designed for the highest and most universal requirements.
The nominal current is routed to the terminal blocks via the contact pin. In conjunction with the contact system in the plug, the connection variants can withstand extreme vibration levels. The COMBI terminal block connection is suitable for your automated, semi-automated, or manual wiring tasks.

Bolt connection with conductor and bridge

Robust RT bolt connection

Bolt connection

The terminal blocks with bolt connection are suitable for connecting ring and fork-type cable lugs. The connection allows for considerable conductor pull-out forces due to the high contact force and the large contact surfaces. Terminal blocks with bolt connections allow multi-conductor connections at just one terminal point. The captive cap nuts on the hinged covers are an additional advantage.

CLIPLINE complete - the terminal block system
The terminal block system for easy and fast design of your terminal strips
CLIPLINE complete
We at Phoenix Contact would like to assist our customers in optimizing their processes. In control cabinet manufacturing, speed, handling, and quality are among the most important factors. For this reason, we have developed the CLIPLINE complete terminal block system. This system will provide you with cost-effective support when you’re designing your terminal strips.
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